Greetings! This page is dedicated to help students locate forms that they may need. Before each link, there is a brief description.


Congratulations!! You are GRADUATING!! Complete this form and bring it to your faculty adviser and Department Chair as part of your application for graduation. We'll see you at the ceremonies!


Congratulations! You have chosen to apply to major or double major in Africana Studies. Here is the form to declare and register your decision:

Make sure you meet with your faculty adviser and review the best graduation pathway for a timely graduation and optimal experience. Here is one possible pathway: 


Congratulations! You have chosen to apply to minor or double minor in Africana Studies. Here is the form to declare and register your decision:


Are you wanting to engage directed study with one of our faculty members? Be sure to talk with that faculty member and make sure that you meet the University and Department requirements to take an independent study course. If all is approved, here is a link to the form that you and your supervising faculty member complete. Keep in mind that there are limits that guide when and which faculty members may supervise.


Did you experience an emergency as outlined within our University Policy and are requesting a withdrawal from a course after the drop/add deadline? First, read the policies guiding course withdrawal and retro-active withdrawals. Understand the Academic Calendar that guides these requests. Be sure that you meet the criteria. Clearly state and support your request with appropriate documentation. Here is the form and link to University General Policy for more information.


Did you receive an "Incomplete" grade, and you have completed the contract as outlined and now need to complete the final process? Visit your advising faculty member as well as the instructor during their office hours. Making an appoinment is best practice. Here is a form that you may need to complete: