Ifetayo Flannery

Assistant Professor

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Ethnic Studies and Psychology
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Areas of Research- Black Psychology, African Diaspora, Africana Studies/ Afrocentric Methodology


Ifetayo M. Flannery is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Africana Studies within the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University. Dr. Flannery is a trained Africologist, completing her Ph.D in the Department of Africology & African American Studies at Temple University. As such, her intellectual contributions are predicated on understanding the historical and cultural experiences of African people to guide and inform any productive analysis that affects the consciousness and wellbeing of African and African diasporic groups.


Dr. Flannery's research examines the psychological significance and impact of African diasporic identities and ritual practice in relation to Africa through cultural systems and paradigms within African spirituality. Her research also examines developments of ethnicity, personalities, and pan-African ideologies that advance psychological empowerment within African diasporic communities through the Africana Studies disciplinary framework.  


Dr. Flannery teaches courses including, Introduction to Black Psychology, Black Cultures & Personalities, and Black Family Studies.


Recent Publications:


Flannery, Ifetayo M. (2015) "On the Repeal of the Voting Rights Act and the Breadth of the Long Counter Revolution," Berkeley Journal of African-American Law & Policy: Vol. 17: Iss. 2, Article 26.


Flannery, Ifetayo M. (2016) “African Diaspora: Heuristics and Perspective within the Africana Studies Disciplinary Framework.” In Qualitative Methods in Africana Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Examining Africana Phenomena, edited by James Conyers. University Press of America, 313-328.​