Sharon Jones

Our Department is proud to include alumna, Professor Sharon Jones, in our faculty. Professor Jones received her BS and MA from SF State. She teaches Introduction to Africana Studies and engages the first time first-year Afrocentric Living and Learning Community as part of our Department's first-year living and learning experience (FYE). Jones's research concerned the strike of 1968 at San Francisco State College, which was the longest student strike in American history.

Danae Martinez

Danae Martinez, a motivational speaker and global activist has been speaking to both large and small groups since the young age of 14. Born in a small Oregon town where she was the only African American, Danae’s childhood began with experiences that forced her to grapple with racism at a very young age. Her experiences as a young mixed race girl were compounded when in her African American father’s absence; she was abused for years by her stepfather and later passed around to many older men including a church leader and other individuals.

Eileene Tejada

Eileene Tejada, a Professor of English at Napa Valley College, is renowned for her rigorous, creative and inspiring pedagogical approaches to the teaching of literature, writing and composition. Professor Tejada joins our Department of Africana Studies at SFSU offering a wealth of knowledge drawn from her 29 years of experience as an educator in California who has led faculty in the development of innovative policy and programs to secure the successful placement of community college students in four-year colleges.

Jason Seals

Jason Seals currently serves as Department Chair of Ethnic Studies and Professor of African American Studies at Merritt College, where his work focuses on student preparation and development, innovative instructional practices, curriculum development, concurrent enrollment and institutional learning outcomes.

Professor Seals is an exceptional professor and SF State is fortunate that he teaches with us. Seals teaches courses on Black Men's Studies, Black Family Studies, Black Child Development and Black Psychology.

Taylor Duckett

Taylor D. Duckett is a Graduate Teaching Associate in the Department of Africana Studies. She is known for her poetry and spoken word and has extensive creative writing and journalism experience. Ms. Duckett's research interests include Africana Literature and the Oral Tradition, and she also enjoys teaching written composition. Ms. Duckett holds a B.B.A. in Business Law from the University of Miami and is completing her M.F.A in Creative Writing - Poetry with an Africana Studies focus, from SF State.