Dave Cook (Davey D)

Professor Dave "Davey D" Cook is iconic pioneer in the fields of social media, independent radio

Chris Bell
Dr. Ginwright is pictured outside with tress and the SF state obelisk behind him; he is wearing a white shirt with a grey, pinstriped vest
Shawn A Ginwright

Shawn Ginwright is an Associate Professor of Education in the Africana Studies Department and Sen


Madeline Flamer

Madeline Flamer has managed the Africana studies

Joseph Adams

In the Fall of 2015, Joseph transferred to S.F.

Mahelet Gezachew

Mahelet Gezachew is a third-year communications major and minor in Africana Studies.


Erin Kelsaw

Erin Kelsaw Graduated in 2016  double-majoring in Biochemistry and Africana Studies at SF State.

Meredyth Floyd

Meredyth Floyd graduated with a BA in Africana Studies and a minor in Race and Resistance Studies

Selam Sebhatu is an Africana Studies who graduated from SF State
Selam Sebhatu

Selam Sebhatu majored in Africana Studies (with an interest in health education)  at San Francisc