Chris Bell

Chris E. Bell II is a lecturer in the Dept. of Africana Studies, in the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University (SFSU). He received his B.A. in Africana Studies, and his B.A. in English Literature from San Francisco State University in 2011. Prof. Bell is a graduate from SFSU’s M.A. Program in Ethnic Studies with an emphasis in Africana Studies.

Doñela Wright

Doñela Wright is Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at San Francisco State University. Following the tradition of other disciplinary scholars, Dr. Wright considers herself a scholar-activist, using the discipline of Africana Studies as a framework to seek and promote social justice on behalf of the diasporic Africana community. 

Mahelet Gezachew

Mahelet Gezachew is a communications major and minor in Africana Studies.  She is phenomenal, well traveled, active, and free-spirited young woman who is dedicated to her education and serving her community.  She is involved all around campus working with BSU (Black Student Union). She is also the  Chair of Jabulani, a historical organization celebrating Black Students for their scholarly achievements and is the Founder/Co-President of the first Habesha Student Union at S.F State.  

Joseph Adams

In the Fall of 2015, Joseph transferred to S.F. State to obtain two Bachelors of Arts Degrees, in English Literature and Africana Studies. While attending S.F. State, Joseph earned the highly competitive position as a research assistant for Dr. Dawn-Elissa Fischer within the Africana Studies Department. In this role, he is researching anthropology, linguistics, hip-hop and comics. Also, Joseph has been elected the Student Circle Chair for the Bay Area Chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists, a national professional organization dedicated to behavior science.

Meredyth Floyd

Meredyth Floyd graduated with a BA in Africana Studies and a minor in Race and Resistance Studies. She teaches in San Francisco and plans to obtain her MA in Ethnics Studies, with an emphasis in Africana Studies.


Selam Sebhatu

Selam Sebhatu majored in Africana Studies (with an interest in health education)  at San Francisco State University. Selam was a teacher's assistant for Professor Flamer. She graduated in the Spring of 2015 and is pursuing postgraduate education. Her research interests regard health, education and behavior science concerning African Americans and correlating these interests into one career.

Shanice Robinson

Shanice Robinson is a senior majoring in Africana Studies. Her research interest include African American women, qualitative analysis and critical inquiry in the classroom. Ms. Robinson has worked as research assistant as well as a teaching assistant and plans to continue her education upon graduation from SF State.