Early 1960s

Bob Slattery and Ella Hill Hutch formed the San Francisco branch of the Congress on Racial Equality (CORE)

Mid 1960s

Negro Student’s Association (NSA) is formed Black Student Unions (BSU) is formed Slogan “Black Power” was announced in 1966


San Francisco State Strike The Department of Black Studies is established at SF State

1969 to 1973

Over 600 Black Studies programs and departments are created


National Black United Front is formed


Africana Studies Journal


Imhotep Journal


Black Studies Department at SF State changed its name to the Africana Studies Department


Black Unity Center opens

Current Students, Alumni and Faculty in Black Studies Sankofa: Look Back to Look Forward

Professor Emeritus Oba Tshaka's Article

The Department of Africana Studies at San Francisco State University has a long and storied history. The Department has chronicled this history in a series of PDF documents that provide a unique historical account of the events that pushed the department into existence. Furthermore, the transition of the department from Black Studies to Africana Studies is contextualized as well. The following information from the Journal of Pan-African Studies derrives from material written by Dr. Oba T'Shaka.

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Africana Studies Department History: San Francisco State University (PDF)

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