Madeline Flamer

Madeline Flamer

Administrative Analyst Specialist
Phone: 415.338.2352
Location: Ethnic Studies & Psychology 103
Office Hours:
Tue: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wed: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm


Madeline Flamer has managed the Department of Africana Studies office for almost two decades a as the Administrative Anaylist Specialist. As an Africana Studies Lecturer,  Madeline taught Gospel performance and has advised SF State's Gospel Gators for close to a decade.  The Gospel Gators are an award-winning and much acclaimed choir that has sung the soul of SF State since 2004. Under Madeline's leadership, Gospel Workshop (AFRS 230) has welcomed countless first time first-year, transfer and international students to the distinguished harmony of SF State. True to our Departmental mantra for student success, the Gospel Workshop's collaborative efforts with Gospel Gators helps students find their fit and thrive for lifelong learning and development.

Previously, she taught  Introduction to Black Creative Arts courses for the Department and the College of Ethnic Studies that are required for Africana Studies majors (GE LD-C1). One of Professor Flamer's thesis research projects examined Black teachers teaching Black adult learners using creative arts and music. She is acclaimed in the Bay area for her longitudinal practice concerning gospel music and performance in addition to creative writing and film criticism. She received her M.Ed. from SF State, and she is also an alumna of SF State who double majored in English Creative Writing and Africana Studies. While she has taught other courses in Africana Studies, her signature courses entail Gospel Workshop (AFRS 230) and Introduction to Black Creative Arts (AFRS 204). These courses directly support the CSU-wide mandates concerning Student Success and Graduation Initiatves (SSGI) and degree completion endeavors such as First-Year Experience (FYE) and related student-centered persistence models implemented by the Department of Africana Studies as well as the SF State University.

She serves as Advisor to Jabulani (Black Graduation), SFSU Gospel Choir (Gospel Gators),  Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority.