Dr. S. Bradley: Unpending the Ivory Tower

October 24, 2018
Unpending TheIvory Tower
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Upending the Ivory Tower

October 25th from12:30 pm-2pm; Ethnic Studies, Room 116

The Chair of the Department of African American Studies at Loyola Marymount University Dr.Stefan Bradley

An Afrocentric Floor and The Africana Studies Cosponsorship

The eight elite institutions that comprise the Ivy League, sometimes

known as the Ancient Eight—Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Penn, Columbia,

Brown, Dartmouth, and Cornell—are American stalwarts that have

profoundly influenced history and culture by producing the nation’s and

the world’s leaders. Between the close of WWII and 1975, the civil rights

and Black Power movements transformed the demographics and

operation of the Ivy League on and off campus. As desegregators and

racial pioneers, black students, staff, and faculty used their status in the

black intelligentsia to enhance their predominantly white institutions

while advancing black freedom.