Jerry W. Varnado Scholarship!

October 25, 2019
The Varnado Family
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The Department of Africana Studies proudly announces the generous contributions of BSU co-founder, Jerry Wayne Varnado, Esq.

Varnado's oeuvre demonstrates his brilliance and commitment as a scholar-activist and much more. Varnado is part of the historic student strike that led to the founding of our nations' first Department of Black Studies, and his integral leadership among the TWLF established our nation's first and only College of Ethnic Studies, where the Department of Africana (Black) Studies is located. The Varnado family has demonstrated consistent support and advocacy of Africana Studies and its historic relationship with the Black Student Union. As faculty advisers to the Black Student Union, as dedicated, active members of the Department of Africana Studies, we extend much gratitude and joy for the generosity of the Varnado Family. We are proud to announce the Jerry Wayne Varnado scholarships on the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of the longest student strike on a college campus that led to the founding of our Department. We also recognize and honor Jerry Varnado's support of BSU students during their nine-month struggle concerning unmet demands in AY 2015-2016. The BSU's leadership was joined by allied historical student organizations, fellow students and concerned community members in February 2016. The struggle culminated in a Hunger Strike of allies united and committed to improving our campus conditions. Varnado's encouraging words promoting peace and justice continue to resonate with us all.

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