Africana Studies Honors and Award Recipients

Garza's Award Address at ATT Park "Ode to Black Women"
Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 22:45

"The Africana Studies Effect"

If you haven't witnessed the groundbreaking "Ode to Black Women" penned by longtime scholar-activist, community leader and alumna of Africana studies, Alicia Garza, on our home page, then you're missing a historic intervention. The Department of Africana Studies is proud to work with current students and graduates who blaze new trails in freedom and human rights movements just as those who founded this program sought to do nearly fifty years ago on this campus. As we approach our 50th Anniversary as the first Department of Africana (Black) Studies, thus spawning much expansion and advancement in our academic discipline, let's take a look at our majors who not only garnered Department Honors, Dean's List and Community Awards, but they also were the overall selection for Honors Hood Recipient and Distinguished Graduate Award, giving commencement speeches, representing their cohort at our University's ceremony at AT&T Park.

2017: Alicia Garza (Graduate Honors)

2016: Richard Polote (Undergraduate Honors)

2015: Jonathan Brumfield (Graduate Honors)

Almost every year since we've convened at the stadium of the Giants, our graduates have led the way, like John Coltrane's Giant Steps!

In 2014 at SF State's campus, Christopher Roberts represented Graduate Honors, and there have been many, many more.

Join us in Fall 2017, as we continue to honor our current students, outstanding faculty and staff, amazing alumni, as well as founders, strike veterans and stellar scholars that exemplify the excellence of Black/Africana studies.